Our Vision & Mission

As a country, Ethiopia’s vision is to realise middle income country status by 2025. This vision, and the roadmap to achieving this goal, are set out in the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda which was launched in 2019 by His Excellency Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed, as the next phase of Ethiopia’s previous Growth and Transformation Plan. The Agenda speaks directly about the role of mining in achieving this vision.

The new Reform Agenda places mining in the top four sectors at the core of our ambitions to increase economic productivity. The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s vision is to realise the ambitions for the sector as laid out in the Home Grown Economic Reform Agenda, always with a view to achieving middle income country status. Mining is to play a pivotal role in helping our government generate 14 million new jobs by 2025, for example.

The Home Grown Economic Reform Agenda sets out a number of pragmatic interventions for the mining sector, including:

  • Formalising Artisanal and Small-Scale mining
  • Reviewing gold pricing to reduce incentives for illegal trade
  • Incentivising miners to engage and invest in local communities
  • Developing policies and capacity to strengthen Ethiopia’s repository of geological information and align this to the country’s industrial input focus

To achieve these important sector development targets, the MoMP recognises the importance of establishing accountable and informed systems and institutions that can facilitate investment, build shared value, and ensure equitable access to benefits for vulnerable populations.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) mission is to:

  • Generate, manage and deliver the basic geosciences (mineral and geo-energy) data of the country for the society and the business sector
  • Encourage and attract private investors to involve in the development of the mining sector by creating conducive investment conditions
  • Issue licenses to private investors engaged in mineral and petroleum operations and administer the contract in accordance with the concession agreements
  • Develop the mineral and geo-energy resources of Ethiopia in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Work collaboratively with different stakeholders to regulate the market, as well as the precious minerals and gemstones produced via traditional and artisanal mining methods
  • Expand the development of mineral resources to enhance the contribution of the sector’s foreign currency earnings to Ethiopia’s economic growth.

To find out more about the MoMP’s mission and objectives, its values, and what services it is mandated to deliver, please visit our About the MoMP page.