The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP)

Citizen’s Charter

The MoMP's Citizen Charter

The MoMP launched its own Citizen’s Charter in 2018. The purpose of the Charter is to set out clearly to investors and to the Ethiopian public the MoMP’s precise role and objectives, its values, and what services it is mandated to deliver.

The Charter sets out in detail the services that Ethiopia’s citizens and investors are entitled to expect from the MoMP. The Charter contains a wealth of information about the MoMP’s services.

For example, an investor might be seeking a letter of support from the MoMP to facilitate the import of mining equipment duty free. The Charter sets out the maximum acceptable wait time for this letter (an hour and a half) and precisely what applications to submit beforehand, and which documents the investor would need to bring to the Ministry with their application.

Should you not receive the services you need within the timeframes listed in the Charter, despite having submitted all the applications and brought with you all the documents that the Charter explicitly spells out, you will be within your rights to file a grievance with the MoMP. All grievances will be responded to promptly.

Citizen Charter Kiosk and More Information

As part of the launch of the Charter, an Information Kiosk has been set up in the lobby of the MOMP’s Federal office to serve as the first point of contact for the public, investors, and any other stakeholders involved with or affected by mining operations who want to know what their rights are, and levels of service they are entitled to.

Any member of the public, investor or other stakeholder will be able to download the Citizen’s Charter they need from the Kiosk, request any additional information they need, and request appointments with Ministry staff. In addition, they will also be able to complain about any service-delivery failures or violations of their rights as spelled out in the charter by the MoMP. Complaints are carefully tracked to ensure they are resolved in a timely manner and that areas requiring improvement are acted upon promptly, to ensure the enhanced service delivery of Ministry services.