The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP)

Mining Data

Exploration requires access to and availability of solid geodata. Several reforms in the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum are focused on strengthening the generation and dissemination of geoscience data, which is so critical for mineral exploration and investment promotion. As part of the MoMP’s “one-door” policy, efforts to consolidate, simplify and improve the accessibility of information for public and private sector stakeholders with regards to key information and geospatial information are a priority. This has also been identified as a priority area in the Government’s Home Grown Reform Agenda.

There are two easily accessible online mining data repositories.

The first is the Geoscience Information System (GIS) portal developed and hosted by the Geological Survey of Ethiopia. More specifically, it houses:

  • Surveys
  • Completed reports
  • Progress reports
  • High resolution maps

In total there are over 5000 items in the GIS portal, all of them searchable.

The second is the Integrated National Mining Cadastre Portal, developed and hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

The new national cadastre portal brings transformative changes to the efficiency and transparency of regulating and investing in the Ethiopian mining sector. The portal enables mining and exploration companies to conduct their operations remotely, from any country in the world. Investors will hugely benefit from the upgraded license application functionalities, and the most up-to-date licensing information for each region.

Once you have navigated to the Cadastre portal, you can click on a licenses on the map to view detailed information. You can also use the search functionality to search by license code, owner or license type.