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About the GSE

About the GSE

The Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) is an autonomous institution, with accountability to the MOMP. It is responsible for carrying out basic geological mapping, mineral exploration and related geological activities. The GSE also provides services such as data dissemination, and drilling and laboratory analysis.

The GSE was stablished in 1968 as a department, becoming autonomous in 1982 as the Ethiopian Institute of Geological Survey (EIGS), before finally being established in its current form in 2000. The GSE is proud to have completed geological and hydro-geological mapping at a scale of 1:250000, for the entire country, and identified several targets for metallic, industrial, energy and construction minerals. This work provides the critical foundation for mineral exploration and mining development projects in Ethiopia. The GSE also plays a vital role in developing critical skills in the field of geo-science.

We invite you to visit the GSE’s Data Catalogue, where you can find the following information:

  • High quality geological maps at 1: 2000000 scale (100% complete)
  • Ground Gravity maps at 1: 500000 scale (100% complete)
  • Geoscience and hydro-geology maps at 1:250000 scale (100% complete)
  • Engineering geology and geohazard mapping at 1: 250000 (50.54% complete as of end 2019)
  • Airborne geophysics maps (30% complete as of end 2019)