The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP)

Flagship Projects

Global Affairs Canada has funded a number of projects in Ethiopia in recent years, focussing on strengthening institutions, investing in critical skills and improving market linkages. Here are three GAC flagship projects.

Project 1: Support to the Ministry of Mines (SUMM)

The Support to the Ministry of Mines Ethiopia (SUMM) project is a five year project launched in 2016 and running until 2022, funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI). The project’s objective is to support the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and the Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) to improve resource governance and support the long-term management of a sustainable mining sector in Ethiopia It does so by sharing expertise about improving the organizational and regulatory structures of Ethiopia’s mining sector, and building the MoMP’s and GSE’s operational and strategic capacities.

SUMM’s objectives are:

  • Improved efficiency and transparency of mineral licensing
  • Improve the management capacity of human resources and technical aspects: environmental and social management (ESIA, ESMPs, consultation and engagement, conflict resolution, community development) including capacity building of Regions
  • Build linkages and better operational modes between the Federal and Regional level
  • Gender-responsive professional development
  • Support for downstream, beneficiation and value addition of industrial minerals
  • Enhanced geo-science coverage for investment promotion

Project 2: Strengthening Education for Mining (STEM)

The Strengthening Education for Mining (STEM) is another project funded by Global Affairs Canada, and runs from 2017 to 2021 in Ethiopia. The objective of STEM is to increase domestic employment in the mining industry in Ethiopia by strengthening key Ethiopian universities to develop more industry-driven geology and mining engineering undergraduate programs that will improve the employability of university graduates; and by supporting the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system to deliver training on high priority occupational standards, and implement innovative short-term training programs to improve the employability of local communities in mining-related fields, particularly women with low levels of education.

STEM’s objectives are:

  • Male and female graduates from the mining programs of the targeted universities should have excellent employment opportunities within Ethiopia either with mining companies, as self-employed consultants or within the Government of Ethiopia
  • Universities and TVET institutions will have established strong relationships with the mining companies and be capable of adapting their own curriculums
  • Universities and TVET institutions will be able to support other institutions with more fledgling programs for the mining sector by sharing resources and lessons learned
  • Women and men from local communities around targeted mine sites will have some basic skills to gain mine-related employment
  • Socio-cultural barriers to women’s employment will be reduced, and the trainers and institutions involved in the project will be capable of offering relevant training to women and men in local communities that can make them ready for employment at the mine sites. The capacity of laboratories will be improved

Project 3: EMERTA (MEDA)

Ethiopians Motivating Enterprises to Rise in Trade and Agri-business ( ‘to leap to great heights’ in Amharic) or EMERTA is a six year project funded by Global Affairs Canada and MEDA “supporters”. Recently, Ethiopia has developed as an African leader in economic growth. But this growth has not reached many families living in rural areas who rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. Through EMERTA, MEDA will provide the training and market connections that small and medium-sized businesses need to grow. In addition to agricultural growth, MEDA hopes to overcome social barriers to create strong and prosperous communities. EMERTA is coordinating closely with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and SUMM to build synergies which include the mining sector.

EMERTA’s objectives are:

  • 16,000 individuals in Ethiopia’s rice, vegetable and gem sectors will improve their incomes, productivity and market access.
  • 275 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will gain access to information, technology and services to improve their business performance and create stronger market linkages.