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The R and D in general operates on a broad range of geoscientific and energy problems and foster to facilitate innovative and adoptive research that bring into the sector.

  • new techniques and methodologies in scientific data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretations;
  • new techniques and methodologies that help to see in depth old scientific data and information; and
  • Identify cutting-edge, useful, economical, environment friendly technologies and methodologies in the sector and introduce them to end users.

  R and D serves as the main portal in the Mines sector:

  • to build collaboration and partnership between industry and applied researchers;
  • to conduct focused value-driven applied research that solve industry problem;
  • to create a conducive environment for conducting research on National Research Priorities (NRP), thus maximizing the impact of R and D outcome;
  • to be a national representative for government Science and Technology (S and T) support in geosciences and energy, and centre of excellence for R and D issues;
  • to provide and deliver end-users knowledge based R and D results, information and data using appropriate means and  practices
  • Consult and advise decision and policy makers, politicians about the national relevance and the wide range of applications and contributions of new developments in the sector and popularization of the science to the public at large.